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Two declaration drew 450000000 blockbuster fraud cases View Details

In the joint supervision of the State Administration of Taxation and the Ministry of public security, Hebei taxation and public security personnel after more than a year of efforts, the successful detection of large together Xukai VAT invoice, export tax rebate fraud case.

70000000 tax forced stop latitude communications 362000000 recombinant tax storm View Details

The rich don't forget those taxes -- through M & A will be in the hands of private equity into the listing of shares or cash, which sit enjoy huge value investors, the comprehension of this sentence

Delegation of Shanghai export back (free) the examination and approval authority for tax View Details

in 2014, Shanghai tax departments to actively implement the export tax rebate policy, the export tax refund (Exemption) enjoy the qualification of enterprises reached 38000 households

Li Keqiang: countries didn't give the FTA preferential tax View Details

In December 12th, Li Keqiang Prime Minister chaired a State Council executive meeting, decided to set up three free trade zone in Fujian, Tianjin, Guangdong region specific.

The Indonesian government will re-examine and 62 countries (regions) signed a tax agreement View Details

In Indonesia, economic and Commercial Counsellor Office According to Indonesian media in December 10th comprehensive report, because some tax treaties to Indonesia is adverse

In 2016, rumors of levying the inheritance tax, tax, rich uneasy View Details

Tax reform to finalize the four step plan timely introduction of household expenditure reporting fiscal reform will be launched in the next step, the future of everyone's money bag will be associated with this. Tax reform will be launched in the next step, the future of everyone's money bag will be associated with this.

Accepted third party issue value-added tax invoice also belong to the "false value added tax invoices" behavior View Details

Yesterday morning, reporters from the Jiaxing City National Tax Inspection Bureau was informed that, since 2014, the audit department in our city the IRS has dealt with a number of enterprises to obtain special VAT invoice from the transaction third party for deduction of tax cases, cases showed a high incidence trend.

Non financial enterprises engaged in financial business not pay business tax View Details

Not long ago, Hainan Yedao (Group) Limited by Share Ltd issued a "on the tax administrative matters notice", called for the company in 2009 to 2011 period to sell an optoelectronic small

Hony explain FTA cross-border equity investment the first single: Construction of PE funds to the sea Easy Access View Details

"Will not complete the FTA cross-border equity investment the first single record system, for how to do this, we actually did not end in mind." Hony investment (HonyCapital) Shanghai company deputy general manager Shen Shunhui said with emotion.

USA tax bureau "long hand" reach Hongkong View Details

Now, the outside world are on Chinese will be how to deal with "foreign account tax compliance law" provisions.

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