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To replace business tax with value-added tax(VAT) continue expanding around the boost economic transformation View Details

Business tax VAT is a major reform of China's tax fields, this reform in 2014 and promoted to a new level, more and more enterprises to get new development opportunities.

Allow deferred confirm several situations of income View Details

Shanghai free trade zone enterprise asset value evaluation, 5 years in the staging of uniform included in taxable income

Export tax rebates, must know several time points View Details

1 refund (Exemption) of tax qualification: export enterprises should handle record registration of foreign trade dealers or signed the first commissioned by the export agreement within 30 days from the date of filling, "export back (free) tax qualification application form", to provide relevant information to the competent tax authorities for export tax refund (Exemption) qualification.

This year the focus of special tax inspection to check what View Details

"Nominated for your organization? To prepare? " Since the end of 2014 2 national tax special inspection projects announced, many corporate finance manager, manager of Taxation in the exchange, tax special inspection into will talk about the content. The annual tax special

Equity investment gains tax to pay attention to a special case View Details

Twenty-sixth enterprise income tax law stipulates clearly, such as dividend, bonus between qualified resident enterprises equity investment income for tax exempt income, but in practice

The national focus on cleaning up the "tax depression" enterprises face strength test View Details

Tighten the preferential policy of tax revenue of local wind increasing. In March 6th this year, at the two session of the twelve National People's Congress press conference, Minister of finance Lou Jiwei said clearly, some preferential tax policy around the introduction of excessive, should clean up. Director of the State Administration of Taxation Wang Jun also stressed in the deployment of the work in 2014, stipulates for the clean-up and abolish hinder the unified national market and fair competition and practices, the introduction of preferential policies to prevent and correct illegal behavior.

Need to distinguish between the six cases treatment of retiree income tax View Details

Now, many retirees after retirement, are not idle at home, especially with proficiency in a particular line of retirees are often retired to work units, or to go out part-time, some retirees to start their own business, foreign investment, retired personnel obtain income also increases ceaselessly, tax retirement staff also caused social attention. According to the provisions of the tax law

The State Administration of Taxation deployment catering invoice usage of special rectification View Details

The invoice will be large customer dining expenses "break up the whole into parts" is divided into small invoice or will not be spending according to the provisions of the meal into non meals invoice, once the central eight provisions "of the party and government organs and practise economy against waste regulations

Value added tax treatment after sale service period free replacement parts View Details

Guangming Machinery Co., Ltd. is a production and sales of forklift enterprises, for the value-added tax general taxpayer. The forklift sales, they will be free after sale service contract period of 1 years in the contract with customers. In the meantime, forklift quality problems caused by non customers reason, light machinery Co. Ltd. will be free replacement parts to repair.

USA overseas tax collection on Chinese immigration impact? View Details

Recently, USA Ministry of Finance and national tax bureau jointly issued the "offshore accounts tax bill" the revised terms, this is the ultimate implementation of "offshore accounts tax bill" "the last step".

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