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The national focus on cleaning up the "tax depression" enterprises face strength test

Author:tongran      Time:2015/2/11      Hits:6403

Tighten the preferential policy of tax revenue of local wind increasing. In March 6th this year, at the two session of the twelve National People's Congress press conference, Minister of finance Lou Jiwei said clearly, some preferential tax policy around the introduction of excessive, should clean up. Director of the State Administration of Taxation Wang Jun also stressed in the deployment of the work in 2014, stipulates for the clean-up and abolish hinder the unified national market and fair competition and practices, the introduction of preferential policies to prevent and correct illegal behavior.
"Tax cuts has been considered to be the engine and propeller of economic development. Therefore, whether the government or enterprises, are actively strive for the preferential tax policy, the central place is more to strive for preferential tax as the key to promote the regional development. If not to strive for, will self policy, leading to reduction or exemption, ultra vires to spending cuts and other phenomena of frequent generation, make Chinese nominal tax burden and actual tax burden gap widening." The Treasury money division deputy director baijingming in accepting the "Securities Daily" reporter the interview said, if things go on like this, some tax policy has lost its macro-control function, be disguised tilted.
Reporter from the Ministry of finance to understand, Chinese current tax preferential policies including regional policy, industry policy, the size of business policy, ownership policy four categories. The clean-up, mainly involves the regional tax revenue preferential policy.
"According to statistics, China has introduced preferential policies on regional tax implementation of a total of 30, and some are applying for the regional tax revenue preferential policy project." Lou Jiwei said, the regional development planning should be decoupled and the tax preferential policies, the future no longer be introduced preferential policies of regional new tax, unified tax preferential policies stipulated by the laws and regulations of special tax. At the same time, strictly prohibit all ultra vires tax relief.
Bai Jingming said, it is necessary to gradually clear through deepening the reform of tax system and tax law to regulate the tax preferential policies, the ultimate realization of inter regional tax equity, thereby inducing elements according to efficiency respectively into different regions. "This approach for underdeveloped areas is actually more favorable, because there is no tax comparison advantage conditions, more capital will tend to flow the cost of labor and the regional resources and lower cost."
Preferential tax is cleared after the standard, how will the impact of enterprise? A research report Anbang consulting show, local government in various tax incentives to attract investment has become a common phenomenon, in other words, now the enterprise investment cost, originally this part includes preferential. If in the future the general abolition of preferential tax, equivalent to a tax funded enterprises increased.
In this regard, a business person in charge told the reporter, for most enterprises, treat the general attitude of preferential tax are "not scarcity injustice". Based on this, they all hope that countries tax breaks for cleaning not as a mere formality, and should be through legal rigid constraint, the preferential tax policy firmly solidified.
Relevant experts accept the "Securities Daily" reporters think, clearing and regulating the tax preference, the role of market in resource allocation will play better, the real strength of the enterprise will undoubtedly more equitable tax environment continue to inspire new vitality, and by the preferential tax day enterprises, will faced with the huge pressure of the transformation and upgrading. (source: Securities Daily)

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