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Two declaration drew 450000000 blockbuster fraud cases

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In the joint supervision of the State Administration of Taxation and the Ministry of public security, Hebei taxation and public security personnel after more than a year of efforts, the successful detection of large together Xukai VAT invoice, export tax rebate fraud case. The case involves Xukai VAT invoice more than 3 copies, the amount of 3300000000 yuan, deception of export tax refund 50000000 yuan 400000000. The enterprises involved in the case throughout the country, as many as 374.
The 400000000 50000000 yuan of tax fraud cases, in fact, initially looks very inconspicuous, put the case handling personnel in front of Hebei, is just a unified national combat export tax fraud action, seized by Xiamen police in two a suspicious customs declaration.
In 2013 May the Xiamen police at the time of the false value added tax invoices and customs declaration documents to concentrate on combating the crime, on May 30th to check the Xiamen a logistics company, seize large quantities of problematic declaration.
Although only two single, Hebei tax inspection and public security departments or emergency sent to Xiamen to assist in the investigation.
Along the suspicious declaration in-depth investigation, the case handling personnel eventually found, the case is composed of a plurality of groups involved in, they are responsible for the division of sub regional, sub sectors, through all over the country more than 370 enterprises involved in the case, Hebei Hengshui a company called Xing Hong Chia textile and garment company Xukai VAT invoice, customs declaration documents, false receipt defrauding export tax refunds.
Hebei Province State Taxation Bureau Inspection Bureau Zhang Wei said: "to accept Xukai amount has verified the basic truth is 3300000000 RMB, foreign false export amount of $450000000, export rebates 450000000 yuan, so from the three numbers can be seen, this case should be said the amount involved is huge."
The case up to now, have arrested 90 suspects.
A serial set of said cheating defrauding export tax refunds, you must first make clear the export tax rebate is how to return a responsibility. In recent years, the total amount of export rebate in China each year up to 1 more than 1 trillion yuan, equivalent to about 1/10 of tax revenue of national taxation department. To obtain a declaration of export tax rebate, in addition, it needs at least several other documents. This can be seen from the tax fraud case, each link of the criminals around the export tax rebate for illegal benefits, established a chain sets.
The value-added tax is the first largest tax in our country, every year tens of billion yuan of value-added tax. The export tax rebate, from the export of the goods before payment in the production, circulation of value added tax.
If an enterprise exports, such as export of clothing, in front of a garment factory, the production of cotton yarn and cloth enterprises have paid 17% of value-added tax, the final garment products to the world market is price including tax, at a competitive disadvantage. So the state should refund the taxes to the final export enterprises, this is also a common practice in many countries.
At present our country clothing export rebate rate is higher, reaching 16%, the apparel industry has become the hardest hit tax rebate of export tax fraud is gold and silver to the enterprise, a sum of 10000000 yuan garment export tax refund, obtained can be as high as 1600000 yuan. Of course, to get the rebate, will certainly face the rigorous review process. Tax rebate on exports is finished, the enterprise tax and export receipts naturally became the main basis of tax rebate.
These documents are mainly three categories: export enterprises input VAT invoice, export of the goods declaration, waybill documents, documents of export proceeds in foreign exchange. In theory, as long as together these documents, you can get a refund.
The seized Hing Hong Jia company, exports of goods will be others false constitute their own products, illegal access to customs declaration documents, and other documents made by forging, export value of 450000000 U. s.dollars, in the recent 4 years have got a refund of 450000000 yuan.
By piecing together a large number of single export customs declaration customs declaration doubtful point is the investigation began, is the core part of the whole of the case itself, but also the personnel handling the cases where the earliest breakthrough. Follow the declaration of this clue, the police found the two declaration provides the suspect Zhang Weiwen Xing Hong jia.
Zhang Weiwen is just a man in the middle, the other suspects will take these blank declaration to the customs broker or freight Proxy Companies, take people's goods by Xing Hongjia name of export customs declaration. Then, this completes the procedure of customs declaration and the relevant shipping documents will be through Zhang Weiwen returned to the Xinghong company. Thus, Xing Hong Jia has been fraudulently the first set of documents. Of course, Xing Hong Jia will also pay a commission.
According to Zhang Weiwen confessed that he made to the Xing Hong Jia company illegally provides more than 1000 declaration, accounting for more than the last proven false declaration Hing Hong Jia company alone in 1/3, he earn a commission a total of about 800000 yuan. In addition to Zhang Weiwen Gang, provide declarations are Xiamen and Shenzhen on the other two gang Xing Hong jia.
So, what people need to be declared, and do not need to apply for tax refund? This is an important factor in tax fraud occurred. The investigators found that there are two kinds of people in real goods exports in the current export market, but do not require the declaration to the tax to the declaration of tax, a class called straight, they generally to bulk buy clothing sent overseas wholesale market, not on China's tax; another kind is the small enterprises in China generally can not apply for tax refund. They put the shipping documents to the man in the middle, after the clearance to send these documents to Hing Hong Jia company defrauded tax refund.
Assembling declarations real where is the exit?
According to the account of criminal suspects, customs declaration is the wrong person.

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